7 Marine

Have you ever wanted to cruise the cerulean blue waters of the Caribbean while sipping champagne as a warm breeze caresses your face? If this is something that you would like to experience, 7 Marine offers you the opportunity to enjoy your experience of St. Martin to the fullest with a chartered boat. A chartered boating experience in the Caribbean is something that you will never forget. Let 7 Marine show you how you can truly enjoy St. Martin and the surrounding islands.


Benefits of Chartering a Boat

Chartering a boat via 7 Marine is about creating an experience. Many people visit St. Martin for a vacation. However, getting the opportunity to actually cruise the pristine blue waters on a luxurious boat is a unique experience. 7 Marine makes it possible for anyone to have the chartered boat experience in the Caribbean if so desired. They offer a select inventory of high-quality boats. From the Sonic and Sunseeker to the Hydra Sport and the Hemingway, 7 Marine offers quality speedboats for an exceptional boating experience. The company even offers two spacious catamarans. The enjoyment of the St. Martin waters is not limited to speedboats; 7 Marine also has several seabobs that allow you to glide on or under the water at decent speeds.


Extra Amenities

7 Marine wants everyone that charters a boat to have an enjoyable experience. For this reason, they offer a number of partner services to make everyone feel welcome. There is the 7 Service Concierge, where you can get personalized help planning your St. Martin vacation, private airport transfer services, as well as the Robinson Boat Tours that leave daily from Chesterfield Marina.


A Boating Experience Tailored for You

7 Marine wants you to know that you have control over your Caribbean boating experience. You can create your own itinerary and they’ll make sure that you and your guests get to enjoy the beauty of St. Martin atop of a boat of your choice. All you really have to do is sit back, relax, enjoy the delicious food and drinks and take in the view. Some of the more popular stops on the boating excursion include Shell Beach, Meads Bay, Cap Juluca, Scrub Island and Maho Beach.


Learn more about 7 Marine by visiting http://stmartin-boat-charter.com or by contacting the company directly at +1721 559 21 73 or via email at sevenmarine@icloud.com.


Staying in St. Martin

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