Meads Bay Beach

Nestled on the western end of the island between West End Village and Long Bay Village, Meads Bay Beach is a well-known gem of a destination and a must-see on your trip to Anguilla. Meads Bay is one of the busier locations on the island, as many people have discovered the beauty and excitement available here. It’s the perfect place for a fun day at the beach!

What to Expect at Meads Bay Beach

Take a rental car to Meads Bay Beach (it’s the easiest way to get around) and you’ll find a popular beach characterized by smooth sands and crystalline waters that are ideal for swimming and water sports during the summer season, when the waters are calmer. Kayaking is particularly popular in Meads Bay during this time, and snorkeling in the bay exposes you to a vibrant underwater world with a colorful reef populated by a wide variety of marine life. From locals to visitors, people tend to agree unanimously that Meads Bay is one of the top 5 beaches on Anguilla, if not in the entire world.

If your trip to Anguilla is during winter, keep in mind that the rougher winter months of December and January and early spring bring on breaking waves that can be challenging for children, especially with no lifeguard onsite. However, these types of waves may be ideal for visitors interested in trying their hand at surfing, windsurfing, body boarding, and other wave-heavy water recreation.

No matter what time of year you decide to visit, the beach is a picturesque place for strolling, sunbathing, and breathtaking sunset views.

During your time on the beach, you can meander and make your way to the highly recommended eatery known as Blanchard’s Beach Shack. This small eatery churns out tasty meals that perfectly complement the exquisite surroundings of Meads Bay, earning a loyal following from locals and visitors alike. The food tastes as divine as Meads Bay looks!

Another great beach spot is the beach bar known as Waves, located on Meads Bay. They make wonderful cocktails that pair well with sunbathing; the prices are pretty great as well!

Find yourself a spot in the sand at this popular, unspeakably beautiful beach during your Anguilla vacation.

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