Adventure Seeker’s Journey to Anguilla

As a gorgeous exotic paradise, Anguilla offers many incredible adventures for those who know where to look. Luckily, we’ve put together a day by day guide for you and your guests on discovering the best adventures on our island.

Day 1: Caving in Cavannagh Cave

Hidden between the Katouche Valley and North Hill, this historic cave is known not only for its winged residents (a colony of Antillean fruit-eating bats), but for its 30-foot-high ceiling and the 20-foot chasm where the cave separates in four directions. Climb down the roots of an immense fig tree into the chasm and explore the cave from there, preferably under the guidance of a guide from Anguilla National Trust or Katouche Tours.

Day 2: Deep Sea Fishing

There are many charters and local fishing boats that will offer to take you and your guests on a deep sea fishing expedition. The thrill of deep sea fishing lies in capturing an enormous, larger than life catch that will make for an unbelievable story. Just be sure to get your fishing permit before you set off on your adventure at sea!

Day 3: Cycling on Anguilla

Anguilla is a great place to cycle, and the island features an avid cycling association. If you enjoy riding, check out the Anguilla Amateur Cycling Association on Facebook and Twitter for info on where to ride, island cycling news, and more!

Day 4: Snorkeling Above the Reefs

Because of Anguilla’s calm, clear, and warm tropical waters, snorkeling is a popular pastime. See the vibrancy of Anguilla’s reefs on a snorkeling adventure with the help of local charters like Juniors Glass Bottom Boat, Gotcha Garfield Sea Tours or Calypso Charters.

Day 5: Sailing on the Sea

Forget taking it easy on a motorboat and try your hand at sailing on the open water! Charters like Tradition Sailing Charters can help you get started.

Day 6: Scuba Diving in the Marine Parks

Anguilla is home to seven different marine conservation parks: Shoal Bay-Island Harbour Reef System, Seal Island Reef System, Sandy Island, Dog Island, Prickly Pear Cay, Little Bay, and Stoney Bay. Experience the thrill of seeing coral reefs, black tipped sharks, nurse sharks, and thousands of fish species while diving at incredible depths. Plan the perfect dive adventure with the help of PADI trained experts like Scuba Shack Anguilla.

Day 7: A Trip to the Aqua Park

The Caribbean’s largest inflatable floating obstacle course, the Aqua Park, is located at Cove Bay. The park is operated by Anguilla Watersports, which also offers a number of rentals and tour services such as paddleboarding, glass bottom kayaks and kiteboarding lessons.

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