Little Bay Beach Club

Discover Little Bay, the Hidden Gem of Anguilla

Most who travel to Ce Blue Villas and Beach Resort in Anguilla are probably seeking a very specific image of paradise. Chances are, that image looks exactly like Little Bay. A remote cove nestled away from public view, Little Bay enchants resort visitors with its many irresistible qualities: sparkling azure waters, breathtaking natural vistas and a spirited mix of indigenous marine inhabitants. In other words, it’s the perfect destination for those who want to really get away from it all in Anguilla.

When we say remote, we’re not kidding. A place this special isn’t accessible by car, which means its largely untouched by the world at large. Like a mythical location in a story book, Little Bay can only be visited by those who possess a sense of adventure. Rent a sea kayak, navigate out into Crocus Bay, and steer yourself around a jutting natural rock formation. Or better yet, walk down to the picnic table on the beach and talk to Bear, a beloved boatsman who will ferry you out to Little Bay in his trustworthy dinghy for a small price.

Once on the beach at Little Bay, your senses will need a few moments to behold the splendor of this naturally serene location. Get ready to behold a palette of dazzling colors, from the layers of coral, orange and gray swirls in the limestone walls that form a shield around this seemingly-sacred space, to the expanse of blue water that yawns out to the horizon. The waters of Crocus Bay are some of the calmest and clearest on the planet, experiencing this from the vantage point of your own private beach is its own reward for many.

Now that you’ve found this tiny slice of Anguillan paradise, enjoy it how you please. Chances are, you’ll be one of just a handful of visitors on any given day. The gorgeous surroundings tend to create a relaxing state of mind, so feel your worries disappear as you soak up the sun on the powdery white sand in perfect tranquility. Or let the water lap gently at your feet as you stroll the surf. Scan the water’s edge observe some of the natural marine life of this splendid ecosystem. Here you’re likely to see sand crabs and iguanas vying for the same shares of sunny real estate.

The water is filled with interesting characters too. Blue tangs, parrotfish, and stingrays all call the waters of Crocus Bay their homes. For a truly unforgettable experience, grab some snorkel gear—happily provided gratis by our staff—and head into the ocean for mesmerizing views of underwater inhabitants on their own turf. The surrounding cliffs serve as a home to mysterious sea-dwellers like turtles and garden eels, so be sure to examine these areas carefully for signs of life. It takes a few moments of complete stillness to draw them out, but eventually you’re likely to see curious heads poking out of the many nooks and crannies.

Still craving more adventure? Swim toward the rock formation. You can’t miss it; Jumping Rock is Little Bay’s most famous feature. Scale up the rope hand over fist to the top of the rock for a view that’s spectacular during the day and downright intoxicating as the sun goes down. If you’re feeling brave, muster up all your courage and jump out far to plunge twenty thrilling feet into the crisp water below. Just be sure to put plenty of effort into your jump far to clear the curved rock wall below.

The great thing about Little Bay is that you’re welcome to stay as long as you’d like. It’s easy to while away a whole day enjoying your own private paradise. However, due to its compact size, most guests find that a few hours are enough to experience this little slice of heaven.

Before you head out, keep in mind there are no amenities in this remote area, so be sure to pack everything you’re going to need for the next few hours. We suggest taking a backpack with items like water, a beach towel and suntan lotion. For those wanting to stay longer, pack up a small cooler and fill it with a picnic lunch and the beverage of your choice.

Whether you’re paddling out alone or hopping over in a boat with friends or family, Little Bay is sure to enchant you. This one-of-a-kind experience has something for all people of all ages—from kids to grownups and every age in between.

Little Bay is just one of the many great adventures you’ll have while visiting CeBlue Villas & Resorts in Anguilla. With its stunning location above Crocus Bay in the Caribbean, CeBlue Resort is considered by many to be the premier luxury option in Anguilla. Choose from eight different villas, each complete with nearly 8,000 square feet of living space and outfitted with fine modern furnishings and first-class amenities, including a private saltwater pool, outdoor showers, and gourmet kitchens. Only steps away from the beach, each villa also features a balcony overlooking Crocus Bay. Discriminating travelers can expect an unparalleled luxury experience, complete with impeccable guest services, privacy, outstanding food, and magnificent ocean views.

The villas are so comfortable, you’ll never want to leave. But if you do, you’ll discover the resort boasts everything else you need for an unforgettable Caribbean experience. Spend your days unwinding in a tropical paradise or catch a ride down to the beach in a golf cart, provided for easy shuttle access to villa and beach. Or take advantage of some of the property’s other features. Indulge yourself in a massage or beauty treatment in our full-service spa. Step down to the beach to engage in your favorite water activity. From kayaking to paddle boarding, the calm waters of Crocus Bay serve as the perfect playground for water-loving adventurers. After you work up an appetite, enjoy a wood-fired pizza and beverage of your choice at the nearby bar. Round it off with a game room for kids and a fitness room, and you’ve got access to everything you’ll need for a few days of fun in the sun.

From Little Bay to the impressive villas at CeBlue Resort, this Caribbean experience will be one you’ll treasure forever.

6 Water Activities to Enjoy in the Anguilla Caribbean

Not everyone comes to Ce Blue Villas and Beach Resorts at Crocus Bay to relax. For many, the Caribbean is a call to adventure, igniting a thirst that can only be slaked by the pulse-pounding thrill of water-based sports and activities. If you’re one of these adrenaline junkies, you’ll find a selection of some of today’s most popular offerings at Ce Blue. From full-on sports like Sunfish sailboating or paddle boarding to less strenuous activities like kayaking or snorkeling, the following list will help you choose your favorite water activity while staying at the luxurious CeBlue Villas. Why not try them all?

Sunfish sailboats

Sail the ocean blue in your very own Sunfish sailboat. This popular sport lets you captain a nimble vessel out on the open waters of the Anguilla Caribbean. Feel the wind at your back and the sun on your face while you chart your very own water-borne adventure. Sunfish sailboats are lightweight, compact and so simple even a novice can quickly learn how to operate one.

Boat rides to nearby islands

What could be more relaxing than spending a day on one of the smaller Caribbean islands right off the coast of Crocus Bay? Visit the island paradise of your choice: Sandy Island or Prickly Pear.

Your adventure to Sandy Island begins with a ferry service to what at first glance appears to be a floating sandbar. A closer look reveals one of the most spectacular tropical sights you may ever see. Palm trees huddle on a sparkling white beach that’s so powdery, it simply begs for barefoot exploration. Beach umbrellas, chairs and hammocks await travelers seeking relaxation in the middle of paradise. A restaurant and bar in the middle of the island services adventurers with high-quality food and cocktails.

Likewise, a boat ride to Prickly Pear provides a similarly refreshing experience. Visit the beachfront restaurant for a rum punch cocktail and a traditional Caribbean meal consisting of chicken, ribs or seafood. Or laze about on the beach enjoying the sunshine and salty air. The shallow waters off the island also make it a great place to snorkel, so don’t forget your gear.

Whether you choose Sandy Island or Prickly Pear, the good times and sunny vibes are sure to impress all who make the trip to either location.


Strap on your fins and mask-up for some of the best snorkeling in the Caribbean. Submerge into the clear blue water to experience the calming tranquility of life under the waves. Discover a new world of breathtaking sights at your fingertips. The corals and plants on the ocean bed are literally teeming with activity; expect to see local denizens of the deep like sea urchins, sea cucumbers and schools of exotic tropical fish. Who knows, you might even spy a blue tang or a kissy-mouthed trunkfish! Be sure to take an underwater camera for memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Stand up paddle boards

Grab your board and head out into the Caribbean surf. Take a few moments to discover your center of balance, and then get ready to enjoy the ride of your life. Beginners will enjoy the sensation of seemingly walking on water, and more advanced users might tackle a turn or two. Whatever your skill set, paddle boarding is a great low-impact workout for the water adventurer.


Treat yourself to a self-navigated tour of the beach on your very own kayak adventure. This popular activity is a must-do for sports lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. Navigate the Anguillan waters in a stable, easy-to-maneuver kayak that lets you become one with nature. Kayaking is a moderate upper-body workout that gets the blood pumping, but still manages to be relaxing at the same time.

Boogie boarding

It’s like surfing, but way easier. Head out into the waters of Crocus Bay on your own personal boogie board. Catch a breaking wave and ride the Anguillan surf all the way back to shore. This activity is great for all ages and puts you right in the thick of the action. Tackle small and moderate waves at first, then gradually work up your skill level. If you’re feeling adventurous, try a few turns and spins. In no time, you’ll transform into a champion flow rider.

Whatever your interests or preferred level of exertion, CeBlue Resorts of Anguilla has a water activity that’s right for you. It’s hard to imagine a more beautiful place to experience your water-borne adventure than Anguilla. An area roughly the size of Manhattan, Anguilla features sprawling beaches and crystal clear waters. In other words, it’s the perfect backdrop for any Caribbean adventure. Visitors from around the world visit the area for the breathtaking beachfront views, spectacular sunsets and some of the best island nightlife in the world. A true desert island, the area tends to avoid the storm clouds that sometimes develop around more mountainous islands. The result: tropical, sunshiny weather year-round. In other words, Anguilla is nothing short of paradise.

While Anguilla enchants you with its natural beauty, let CeBlue delight you with man-made comforts. If you’re looking for luxurious accommodations, chic sophistication awaits you under the blue roofs of our modern villas. Each or our eight different reconfigurable villas feature nearly 8,000 square feet of living space, plenty of room for all whether you’re traveling with family or a group of friends. Traveling with that special someone? You won’t find a more romantic setting for a honeymoon or a special weekend anywhere else in the world. Each villa also features a private sun deck, a saltwater swimming pool and breathtaking views of the azure waters in front of the resort. Other resort amenities include an outdoor shower, stainless steel barbecue grills and everything you could want in a gourmet kitchen, like a wine cooler and stainless-steel appliances.

From luxury villas to the finest water sports, CeBlue Villas and Resorts are where to stay in Anguilla. Come for adventure. Or come to relax. Plenty of both await you at CeBlue.