Hibernia Restaurant & Art Gallery

When you visit Island Harbour, make sure to make a stop at Hibernia Restaurant & Art Gallery. When a place offers both food for the stomach and the soul, you know you’re in the right place. With 30 years of experience both in the culinary and art scenes, they know one thing or two about both fields. And once you’ve tasted the food by Chef Raoul, you’d know there’s as much art in the kitchen as on the walls of the art gallery. The proprietors, Mary-Pat and Raoul, spare no effort or expense in looking for the best art from cultures all over the globe to display on the walls of their gallery.


Art in the Kitchen


It all began in 1987 when the couple moved to Anguilla. They fell in love with the town almost immediately and decided to open their business there. In 2013, they bought the place and styled it to their own tastes. A stone sculpture garden hosts a Balinese-style water pool with tables surrounding it. In the midst of such beauty and art, you can’t help but enjoy your food. The food that comes out of the kitchen is hand-made and there’s a lot of thought and creativity put into it. Many of the dishes and wines have their origins in the places the couple have visited. Asia features prominently in the menu.


The Art Gallery


Since the whole place, including the restaurant, looks like a piece of artwork, it’s hard to tell where the restaurant ends and where the art gallery begins. The couple has spent years traveling around the world collecting a great selection of paintings, hand-made silver jewelry, and antiques. Hibernia Restaurant & Art Gallery is located at Island Harbour, P.O. Box 268, The Valley Anguilla B.W.I. You can call them at 1-264-497-4290 or email them.


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