My Sandy Island

In life there are certain luxuries we may deny ourselves for different reasons: we may feel uncertain about spending too much money; we may not feel we deserve the better things in life; or we may simply think we are working on building a stronger character. We at Refined Retreats, however, would respectfully like to disagree. Your character is strong enough and no one deserves a little luxury now and then more than you! And because we treasure our guests, we invite you to spoil yourself even more with a visit to My Sandy Island during your stay with us.

Located on a Cay in Anguilla

We’ve all dreamed about visiting our own private island, secluded and exotic, with sandy beaches and delicious food created and served by someone other than ourselves, and although a cay is more of sandy micro-island, our guests can experience all of the above on My Sandy Island. Accessible by water only, it’s Happiness that is the most popular way of arriving at this island paradise, and at $20 per person round trip, this sea shuttle is more than worth the price (Yes, Happiness is the name of the shuttle!). Group reservations are required from September through October and can be made at or by calling 1-264-497-6534.

Upon arrival, you may feel as if the gleaming white sands and turquoise waters looks vaguely familiar, and you would be right; Sandy Island is a spot used quite often in movies and television shows that require a tropical setting! Also a popular spot for weddings, this could be where you start your new life with your special someone. The beauty of the landscape will only be enhanced by the beauty of the love that shines out of your eyes, should you choose Sandy Island for your own wedding location.

The on-island restaurant is famous throughout the world for serving food that is tasty and innovative. The seafood-heavy menu offers fresh and sweet treats harvested from the waters that surround you. Their drink menu is exactly what you would expect, featuring those tropical libations that are heavy on the alcohol and sweet on the tongue. High Tide brings on an entirely different meaning here as a drink that combines Malibu Coconut, Triple Sec, Blue Curacao, and pineapple. Happiness is now defined as being thankful for the sea shuttle that keeps you from having to drive yourself anywhere after this drink!

After your meal and a couple of those delicious beverages, killing time in a hammock tied between two palm trees or taking a walk around the cay and dipping your toes in the warm waters isn’t frowned upon; it’s exactly what we hope you would do!

Coming Down to Earth?

We don’t think so! Returning to your Refined Retreats vacation escape will spoil and pamper, just as you so richly deserve! Light, bright, and luxurious, our properties add an extra sparkle to an already shining vacation—reserve yours today!