Anguilla Summer Festival

For 11 days starting in early August each year, the entire island of Anguilla comes together to celebrate the Anguilla Summer Festival. Read on below to learn more about what makes this summertime extravaganza a must see event during your vacation on Anguilla!

Celebrate Summer Like a Local

The Anguilla Summer Festival commemorates a number of different occasions and holidays, including J’ouvert Morning (also known as August Monday and celebrated as Emancipation Day) and Carnival. It is Anguilla’s most extravagant and cherished holiday—arguably even more so than Christmas. It’s also the island’s biggest celebration, with the majority of shops and government buildings closing for the festival.

The festival begins with fireworks, live music, pageants, and talent competitions in The Valley on Opening Night. Throughout the nearly two-week-long festival, you and your guests can enjoy the daily revelries of street fairs, parades, live music, boating and talent competitions, and beauty pageants.

Finally, the Anguilla Summer Festival comes to a peak with Carnival—the perfect way to wrap up the island’s celebrations. While Carnival is normally celebrated before Lent in other parts of the world, Anguilla likes to do things a little differently than most places and celebrates Carnival beginning in late July and early August.

During Carnival, everyone takes to the street and joins the Road March to Sandy Ground. It’s a parade with floats, dancing, and music, leading to a giant day-long beach party.

Useful Tips for Enjoying the Anguilla Summer Festival

If you wish to attend the Anguilla Summer Festival, the ideal time to plan your vacation is in late July or the first week of August. The festival takes place in early August every summer. Anyone can join in on the fun during the festival! If you’re laid-back and like to have fun and go with the flow, this is the perfect event for you. Summer is normally a slower time due to it being the off season, but for visitors willing to brave a little heat, humidity, and a slower paced lifestyle, the reward of the Anguilla Summer Festival is well worth it.

Summertime prices for accommodations and airfare can be as much as half off prices during the peak season of winter and early spring. Additionally, the water and trade winds are at their most beautiful, allowing for ideal snorkeling, scuba diving, and sailing. Just be careful while you’re out on the water, as strong rip currents can develop during the summer season.

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The unspoiled treasures of Anguilla are waiting for you, from exciting events like the Anguilla Summer Festival to breathtaking natural wonders and more. Contact us and find out more when you reserve your stay with us today!