Cove Bay

Cove Bay is a large, easily walkable beach bay area nestled along the southwestern end of the island, renowned for its beauty and easy access. To find out more about what makes Cove Bay stand out from other spots on Anguilla, read on below!

A Serene Bay to the Southwest

You’ll encounter Cove Bay on the southwestern end of the island, neighboring the iconic Rendezvous Bay along the picturesque, scalloped shoreline just a mile south from Meads Bay. To get here from the west end, depart from the main gas station, turn south toward St. Martin, and drive straight until you reach the bay.

Here, you and your guests can stroll along one of Anguilla’s largest and longest beaches, taking in the views of St. Martin and the luxury villas along the Greg Norman Golf Course in the distance and exploring this remote, secluded side of the island. Watch the boats sail along the bay from the east side, where there’s a small wharf used mainly by local fishermen.

Grab a bite to eat at Smokey’s At the Cove, a family-owned Anguillan restaurant just steps from the beach. It may be the only restaurant along Cove Bay, but people from all over the island still love it for its delicious cuisine, live music, dancing, and energetic Saturday atmosphere.

Past Smokey’s, you’ll come across the public access, which cuts through a dune. Cross the road and you’ll come upon Cove Pond, a salt pond that stretches toward the entrance road to Cap Juluca.

Helpful Hints for Visiting Cove Bay

Cove Bay is mostly remote, so plan accordingly; there are no restrooms on site. You can eat beforehand or dine at Smokey’s, as it’s the only restaurant in the area. Additionally, the wharf—which is one of only a handful on the island—is a quiet place mostly frequented by locals.

The views are spectacular in Cove Bay. There are photo opportunities for St. Martin, luxury villas, and breathtaking sunsets, especially midway through the bay, where you can see the sun set over the dune while you’re facing St. Martin.

On the western end of the beach, activities like swimming, horseback riding, and kitesurfing are all popular, depending on when you’re visiting the island. Cove Bay is also a great place for snorkeling.

Cove Bay Anguilla

Cove Bay is just one of the many breathtakingly beautiful places that you can experience firsthand during your Anguillan vacation. Contact our reservations team today and learn more when you book your lodgings with us!