Devonish Art Gallery

You’ll encounter Devonish Art Gallery in the West End Village, the hub of the western side of the island. Read on below and see what makes Devonish Art Gallery worth the visit during your time on Anguilla!

Fine Anguillan Art in The Valley

Showcasing the works and talents of Mr. and Mrs. Courtney and Carolle Devonish and other like-minded Anguillan artists, Devonish Art Gallery specializes in a wide range of artistic mediums.

Mr. Devonish’s work primarily features expressive and aesthetically pleasing mahogany wood carvings and pristine pottery, while Mrs. Devonish presents beautiful, one of a kind jewelry made from glass beads collected from around the world—particularly Africa. Sculptures and jewelry here range from playful to elegant, reflecting the beauty and bright spirit of Anguilla and its people.

Other types of art that you and your guests can enjoy during your visit to Devonish Art Gallery include paintings, hand painted greeting cards and postcards, quilts woven by hand, souvenir items, driftwood sculptures, regional art, and more, inspired by Anguilla’s breathtaking scenery and vibrant culture.

What to Know When Planning Your Visit

Devonish Art Gallery is located in the West End Village along the main road just before the turn off to the Cove, not far from Meads Bay Pond and west of Blowing Point. Devonish Art Gallery is a great place to stop after spending a day at Mead’s Bay or Mead’s Bay Pond.

There are many items in the gallery that are available for purchase as souvenirs, including Devonish’s iconic heart shaped wooden touch stones, which offer comfort for those who feel the constant need to be doing something with their hands.

The gallery is open from 10:00am – 5:00pm during the months of November through August and by appointment only during September and October.

If you’re looking for a bite to eat nearby, the art gallery sits across from Café de Paris. Oliver’s Seaside Grill is also located close by, if you’re more interested in dining on Caribbean cuisine.

For those who want to check out additional sculptural works or simply shop around, there are a variety of local boutiques just a short walk or drive away, such as Cheddie’s Carving Studio.

Devonish Art Gallery Anguilla

To learn more about Devonish Art Gallery and other magnificent attractions that Anguilla has in store for you, contact our team of reservation agents today and reserve your stay!