Phoenix Gallery

Phoenix Gallery is based in South Hill Village, Anguilla, north of Blowing Point and next door to Sandy Ground. To find out more information about Phoenix Gallery and why you should plan a visit to this attraction during your vacation, read on below!

What Makes This Anguillan Gallery Stand Out?

Located in Upper South Hill, Phoenix Gallery is the artistic home and showcase of ex-pat artist Tanya Clark. Specializing in the mediums of oil painting, woodblock prints, drawings, and multi-media art such as beaded fabric, Tanya Clark’s artistic repertoire is truly a sight you won’t want to miss. She draws inspiration from natural subjects and patterns, including light and shadowplay, clouds, mountains, reefs, water, and the fleeting nature of natural beauty.

The artist hails from Canada, having trained and studied at the Emily Carr College of Art before studying under the internationally renowned woodblock print artist Toshi Yoshida in Tokyo. Under his tutelage, she won the Gold for a New Member award at Nihonhangakai, the world’s largest international juried competition for woodblock printmaking. After her time in Japan, Clark moved to Thailand before settling in Anguilla. She still travels to this day for artistic inspiration, visiting and learning in destinations like Botswana and Namibia.

Things to Know Before You Visit

You’ll find Phoenix Gallery along the edge of the main road, where it meets Upper South Hill Village. The gallery is open on Tuesday through Saturday, from 10:00am – 4:00pm.

When planning your trip to Phoenix Gallery, you can really make a day of it. Not only are there artistic treasures to experience at Phoenix Gallery, but there are also a variety of activities and attractions that you and your guests can enjoy nearby.

Sandy Ground is a convenient distance from Phoenix Gallery, making it easy to plan a beach day before or a night out after your time spent admiring Clark’s talented artwork. In this popular spot, beach bars and restaurants abound, and the vibrant yet laid back nature of the busy harbor and surrounding tourist areas (as much as they can be called “tourist areas” on a remote island like Anguilla) add a dose of energy and excitement to an otherwise tranquil day.

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