Savannah Bay

Located on the far northeastern end of the island, Savannah Bay is a spectacular place to visit and one of the top things to see in Anguilla during your time on Anguilla. Find out more details about what makes Savannah Bay worth checking out by reading on below!

Why is Savannah Bay Such a Special Attraction?

Savannah Bay perfectly encapsulates the iconic Anguillan experience. Home to over 15 miles of undeveloped beach sands, Savannah Bay is where visitors come to experience a truly remote, secluded, and pristine Caribbean island like Anguilla, as well as an abundance of tropical wildlife. Pelicans are known to rest on Savannah Bay’s iconic rock, which sticks out of the water. The bay is also home to Junk’s Hole, a well-known beachcombing spot.

Though Anguilla is nowhere near as busy or crowded as its sister islands, Savannah Bay stands out for its picturesque, untouched nature, even in comparison to the rest of this serene island.

Helpful Tips for Your Visit

As Savannah Bay is remote, you won’t find many modern conveniences, such as bathrooms or restaurants. Plan accordingly so that you and your guests are comfortable and well-fed during your excursion to things to see in Anguilla including Savannah Bay.

Savannah Bay has a reputation for being hard to find and hard to access, but it doesn’t have to be. Most cars won’t have trouble taking the path to the bay, and it’s difficult to get lost on our island. From Liberty Road (the main road between Island Harbour and Sandy Hill or Long Path), follow signs for Palm Grove (or Nat’s Place), which is the sole business and structure located on Savannah Bay. This is the turnoff for Savannah Bay.

Once you get to Palm Grove, you can park by Nat’s Place. You can dine on Anguillan barbeque at Nat’s Place and stock up on supplies like beach chairs and umbrellas. Alternatively, if you don’t plan on dining out or renting supplies from Nat’s Place, you’ll want to bring plenty of water and a cooler with the snacks and drinks you’ll need for the day.

Savannah Bay has calm but extremely shallow waters for snorkeling, especially near the rock. Be careful of plant and sea life as you snorkel in the bay. You’ll also need to bring your own gear if you choose to snorkel.

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