St. Gerard Roman Catholic Church

St. Gerard Roman Catholic Church is nestled in The Valley, the capital of Anguilla located in the heart of the island. Read on below for specifics on St. Gerard Roman Catholic Church and what makes it worth to visit Anguilla during your vacation!

Background on This Attraction

St. Gerard Roman Catholic Church was built in 1966, giving practicing Catholics on the island of Anguilla a lovely house of worship for their faith. Prior to the construction of St. Gerard, Anguilla had a small chapel built in 1948, which was leveled by a hurricane in 1961. In the years between the chapel’s destruction and St. Gerard’s establishment, Anguillan congregants worshipped at the historic Wallblake House.

Many visitors are drawn to St. Gerard Roman Catholic Church for its unique and beautiful architecture. Following the Roman Catholic rite, the church is adorned with impressive stonework and a face of three peaked panels on both of its chapels: the original chapel and its most recently constructed chapel, built for a growing congregation.

The older chapel has a face with a colorful mosaic of light and dark stones, complemented by a lovely bell and an eye catching red door. Inside, statues and painted depictions of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary can be found, as well as wooden pews and an artful baptismal font sculpture of sea grass and a shell.

The newer chapel features light colored stones, a vaulted wooden ceiling, gorgeous stained glass, a shapely altar area, and breathtaking stained glass, as well as extraordinary touches that could only be found in an island church.

Hints for Making the Most Out of Your Visit

You’ll find the church located along The Valley Road, across from Valley Bistro and close by the post office. It’s one of the southernmost stops in The Valley before you reach the hustle and bustle of popular Sandy Ground.

Whether you decide to attend mass or simply to stop by for a visit, you and your guests will find that the atmosphere at St. Gerard is warm and welcoming. Daily mass is held around 6pm, with as little as a handful of congregants and friendly, individualized attention and services.

Visit Anguilla

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