Straw Hat



Come enjoy the taste of the Caribbean at Straw Hat Restaurant in Anguilla. Founded in 1996 by Peter & Anne Parles, the restaurant features a delicious, eclectic menu that serves up the authentic tastes and flavors of the islands with a bit of a twist. The exceptional food, dedicated staff, and inviting atmosphere make Straw Hat Restaurant a popular dining experience in Meads Bay, Antigua.


A Taste of the Caribbean in Meads Bay

Enjoy a menu built around the various flavors and foods of the Caribbean. From breakfast to dinner, there is something on the menu that is sure to please everyone. Many of the dishes feature various types of fish such as the Big Eye Tuna Flatbread and the Seafood Pasta. There are other Caribbean favorites such as the Curried Goat. Straw Hat Restaurant offers both a kids and dessert menu. Make sure to check out the popular drinks made with the freshest ingredients and high-quality spirits.


Private Dining to Suit Your Needs

Straw Hat Restaurant also offers private dining space. Whether you are interested in having a special get together with friends or looking for a place to celebrate an anniversary or other special occasion, the atmosphere and food at Straw Hat Restaurant are a winning combination. The restaurant offers seating for up to 120 guests, and you’ll enjoy the having the backdrop of a beautiful beachfront setting and a gorgeous covered patio for your special event.


A Dining Experience to Remember

Straw Hat Restaurant is located in Meads Bay Beach which is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Anguilla. The restaurant invites patrons to come enjoy the delicious taste of the Caribbean in the comfortable atmosphere of the restaurant or beachside. The beachside service is offered by the exceptionally warm, amicable staff there to make your beachside dining experience a delight.


For more information about Straw Hat Restaurant, contact them directly at 264.497.8300 or visit them at West End Village AI-2640, Meads Bay, Anguilla, B.W.I.


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