Scilly Cay: Travel to Anguilla

Their rum punch is legendary! Scilly Cay is visible from the shore of Island Harbour–it’s a tiny coral island dotted with palm trees and thatched hut roofs. Even if it’s one of the most beautiful Anguilla beaches, you don’t need to book a boat to this lunch spot; just walk to the end of the pier in Island Harbour and (in the words of the owners), “wave like an idiot at the island” and they’ll come over to pick you up.

Travel to Anguilla & Dine on Fresh Grilled Lobster at Scilly Cay

Scilly Cay is a small island home to one of Anguilla’s best fine dining restaurants, and while you may not find much else to do here besides eat delicious seafood, drink rum punch, and soak up your surroundings, the lobster alone is worth the trip.

Take the charming boat to Scilly Cay and you’ll be met with a laid-back restaurant with all of the fuss-free authenticity of dining on a desert island in the Caribbean, down to their lack of electricity. But don’t be fooled; this eatery serves up fresh and amazingly indulgent seafood. Their process is straightforward. They catch the lobster off of the island, bring it back to the natural tide pools on Scilly Cay, and grill it up fresh for you, right before your eyes.

Wash it all down with a cool drink of Scilly Cay’s famously strong rum punch (or a soda for young ones or those not inclined to drink).

The menu is simple at Scilly Cay, with the restaurant sticking to what they do best. They serve up their two main specialties: grilled lobster drizzled in a lemon garlic butter sauce (with fresh pasta salad on the side) and heavy handed rum punch made with Caribbean rum.

Dining on Scilly Cay is a humble, yet refined Anguilla experience that is part of what makes the island such a true, authentic vacation destination.

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