2 Bedroom Anguilla Four Star Resorts Villa

Experience the best accommodations that Anguilla has to offer by staying in one of our gorgeous two-bedroom luxury villas. As part of a small community resort in Anguilla comprised of eight villas, our glamorous two-bedroom villas are perfect for a small family, two couples, or for a girls’ trip. At CéBlue, we make sure you have access to everything you could want or need to make your vacation to Anguilla perfect. We offer concierge services, housekeepers, personal chefs (available for an extra charge), high quality linens, private pools, outdoor showers, and more to help you feel relaxed and at home in our Anguilla five star resorts. When you reserve a villa smaller than 5 bedrooms, we simply close off the unused bedrooms and you have full use of the villa, making it a truly private and luxurious experience at CéBlue. Perfect for families, couples traveling together and honeymoons, each bedroom is outfitted with premium linens and en-suite spa bathroom. Click below to book or read on for more information!

About Our Two-Bedroom Anguilla Four Star Resorts Villa

Offering much more than a standard hotel, at CéBlue you have your own private villa. Each of our Anguilla villas offers 5 bedrooms, panoramic ocean views, 2,000 square foot outdoor living area, a fully appointed kitchen and a private pool. Our gorgeous two-bedroom villas in our Anguilla Four star resorts are close to the beach, offering wonderful views of the ocean and the Caribbean’s famous sunsets. Watch the sky turn from yellow to orange to red from the balcony of your private master bedroom. Eat your breakfast while looking out to the boats in the Bay.

Everything you do in Anguilla is enhanced by the serenity and power that only the ocean can bring. Besides breathtaking views of the ocean, each of our two-bedroom villas enhances the surrounding atmosphere of our resort in Anguilla. Earth tone colors and textures are found throughout each of our villas, blending in perfectly with the white sandstone of Anguilla. Granite countertops, soft linens, and a private master bedroom further envelop you in Anguilla’s warm charm. Outside, you’ll find large living spaces, a private pool, an outdoor shower, and access to Anguilla’s best beaches. At CéBlue, we have utilized every possible way to enhance the beauty and tranquility of your experience within our villas. We pay attention to all of the details so you can focus on the beauty.

Things to Do in Anguilla

As a small island surrounded by turquoise blue ocean, relaxation is what Anguilla is all about. Whether you prefer to find your zen in one of Anguilla’s spas, while snorkeling in the ocean, or while relaxing at your villa, you can be sure that luxury and beauty will surround you for the entirety of your trip.

A few of our favorite things to do in Anguilla are relaxing at the beach, enjoying water sports like snorkeling or jet skiing, and finding the Arch. These activities give you a taste of the Anguillan lifestyle, playing in the water and on the sand or alongside the majestic creatures of the sea. Other water sports you can partake in during your time on our island include stand up paddle boarding (a fantastic way to explore the sea caves around the island), scuba diving, boating, kite surfing, and sailing. Local charter companies like Anguilla Water Sports can help you get started!

The small islands, or cays, located offshore provide another adventure for you and your guests. Some of our local islands are known for housing restaurants, such as Sandy Island, Scilly Cay, or Prickly Pear Cay, where you’ll find amazing rum punch and Anguillan lobster. Scrub Island and Dog Island are neat destinations for experiencing a truly secluded Caribbean island.

Back on Anguilla, there are a myriad of sights to see and places to visit. History buffs should check out the Old Factory, the Heritage Collection Museum, Warden’s Place, and the Wallblake House. Visitors interested in soaking up the ambiance of Anguilla won’t want to miss Meads Bay or the Valley, two of Anguilla’s greatest hubs for dining, entertainment, events, art galleries, and boutiques. If you need suggestions for fulfilling activities, simply reach out to the CéBlue concierge service. Our knowledgeable Anguilla five star resorts staff knows where all of the most exciting and relaxing places are on Anguilla.

Experience Anguilla with CéBlue

At CéBlue, we offer guests bonus amenities to help their vacations run seamlessly. Whether you want access to hidden beaches with service, entrance to our resort in Anguilla’s best spas, suggestions for water sports to try, a housekeeper, or an in-home chef (for an extra fee) to cook your group an amazing meal, we offer what you need. Contact us today to learn more about these amazing accommodations and the services we offer at CéBlue.