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March 21, 2017
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Why An Anguilla Honeymoon?

If you have been to Anguilla, your question would be, “Why in the world would you honeymoon anywhere else?” For the sake of those who haven’t been to Anguilla, we are about to answer their question of Why An Anguilla Honeymoon

Anguilla is extraordinary and off the beaten path. This is exactly what people want from a honeymoon. Anguilla gives you breathtaking romantic and restful relaxation in abundance. There cannot be a better place to experience the happiest time of your life.

But if you still need reasons, here they are!

1.     No Crowds on the Beaches

anguilla honeymoon

Anguilla has 33 beaches that are world class. The sand is powdery and white, the sea is Caribbean postcard blue and turquoise. Best of all, there is barely anyone around on your stretch of sand. The beaches really are never crowded. A-listers and celebrities visit Anguilla for this very reason and this makes it a great honeymoon option.

2.     The Anguilla Sunset

anguilla honeymoon

Honeymoons and sunsets go hand-in-hand. An extraordinary sunset is possibly the most majestic and romantic thing in the world. Sunsets on Anguilla are some of the best in the world! They are breathtaking; displaying a beautiful palette of red and orange, with the soft waves rolling in saying, “good bye” to a great day.

3.     Snorkeling

anguilla honeymoon snorkeling

Honeymoons need romantic activities too. Snorkeling, believe it or not, is very relaxing and very romantic! Anguilla offers some of the best snorkeling in the region. You can snorkel right off the shore from many of the beaches or take a day trip by boat for some of the real beauty. You will see a plethora of brightly colored fish and sea life in the turquoise water. It is amazing to see so many exotic fish in one area! You can even catch a ride on a little dinghy or rent a sea kayak right from the beach at Crocus Bay over to famous Little Bay for some really spectacular snorkeling.

4.     Dining à Deux

anguilla honeymoon blue bar restaurant

 Anguilla has some of the best dining in all of the Caribbean and has even been touted to be, “The Culinary Capital of the Caribbean.” Independent, chef driven concepts feature all genres of cuisine from Asian to Italian with a showcase on the freshest seafood of course. Coupled with spectacular ocean views, a sunset cocktail and the genuine local people who operate these restaurants, Anguilla dining showcases the true spirit of the Caribbean.  From casual beach shacks to 5 star dining experiences, the food is what makes this island so special and really sets it apart from all other islands. Ahh Vivre L’Amour!!

More Dining Options While Staying At CeBlue.

5.     Sunset Beach Horse Back Riding

Imagine just you and the love of your life riding off into the sunset on a deserted beach. Sounds like a fairytale but it is available in Anguilla.

6.     Spa Treatments for Two

anguilla honeymoon spa treatments for 2

No Anguilla honeymoon is complete without a couple’s spa treatment. Anguilla has many great spots to pamper yourself and your significant other. Amazing spa treatments, including relaxing massages, manicures, pedicures and just the most amazing relaxation.

7.     Luxury Accommodations

anguilla honeymoon private dining

CeBlue boasts some of the most luxurious accommodations. Of course there are the typical 5 star hotels, but why not splurge for a private villa with your own swimming pool for your special trip to celebrate your new life together? Dine on your private pool deck as one of Anguilla’s chefs serves you a candle lit dinner.

8.     Long Beach Walks

Walk hand-in-hand through the soft sand on one of Anguilla’s famous long beaches with your new spouse on your Anguilla Honeymoon. Take in the sights, sounds and of course the company. The water gently lapping your feet as you plan for your future and soak in the happiness of your new life together.

9.     Bars and Music

No honeymoon is complete without great drinks and music. Anguilla has great beach bars and original, live music in abundance. Lounge at the trendy and famous Da’Vida Beach Bar, enjoy the rum punch or your favorite cocktail while you enjoy the reggae and calypso island sounds of musicians like Omari Banks.

10 Reasons To Visit Anguilla. Beaches, Bars & restaurants.

10.  Private Boat Rides

Take a private boat ride around the island. For something extra special, have your captain take you around the island, stop to snorkel and then go to Sandy Island. On Sandy Island, enjoy the famous grilled lobster lunch, champagne or rum punch and relax on a daybed on the pristine white beach.

Once you have your Anguilla honeymoon, I’m sure it will be your best anniversary spot. 

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