The Dune Preserve at Bankie Banx

If you are looking for a chill spot where you can just sit back and enjoy yourself, why not try out The Dune Preserve at Bankie Banx. The Dune Preserve is one of those places where even though it doesn’t seem like much, there’s actually quite a bit to enjoy. You are surrounded by the beauty of a sandy beach and clear pristine waters in a quaint, well-kept environment. This is the perfect spot if you are looking for a chill place to vibe while in Anguilla.


The Immense Beauty of the Simple

The Dune Preserve is special not because it is the fanciest or most impressive. This little space on Anguilla takes you away to a place where it is okay to be with yourself. Don’t let the appearance fool you; this little space has a lot of personal character. Yes, there are shipwrecked boats. Yes, there are discarded pieces of wood as wells as coconut trees ready to tumble, but this is what The Dune Preserve offers: space to get away with the beach in front of you and the clear blue skies above you.



What makes The Dune Preserve special is the backstory. Singer Bankie Banx found himself essentially trapped here for 8 years of his life due to the possession of marijuana in Barbados. With nothing but time on his hands, Banx began to focus on writing music. His experience prompted him to create the popular hit “Stuck in Paradise.” So, if you are looking for a place with a whole lot of character, The Dune Preserve is it.


Thoughtful Versatile

Because of the quaint aspects of The Dune Preserve, you can dine and enjoy the local music from Bankie Banx and his live band. There is also an eatery on sight offering lunch and dinner as well as almost daily live music. Reservations for The Dune Preserve can be made online. Think of all that you could do in small space such as The Dune Preserve. You can host private parties, weddings, photo shoots and much more.

Consider The Dune Preserve as a purposeful, quaint piece of Anguilla that offers you a chance to simply get away without the bells and whistles. The Dune Preserve proves that good experiences can come from small, unique places. If you are interested in learning more about The Dune Preserve, reach out at (264) 729-4215.


Staying in Anguilla

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